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American History

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In this course, you’ll learn about native peoples who originally explored the land. You’ll trace the paths of explorers and examine how colonies became the United States after breaking away from England. You’ll study the founding principles of the US government, the acquisition of new territory post-colonial times, the causes and events of the Civil War, and post-Civil War America. You will also discover the impact industrialization in the United States had on the economy and society. You’ll study the Progressive Era, World War I, the interwar period, the Great Depression, and World War II. You’ll learn about the period after World War II, when the United States was seen as one of two world superpowers (with the USSR) and entered into the Cold War. You’ll study the Civil Rights movement, the development of a counterculture, and the resurgence of conservatism. The course concludes with a discussion of modern technological advancements, terrorism, and the current state of politics.